Students in the JCR

Prize Holders

This page lists all those who have been awarded College or University prizes during the current academic year and those who received awards after the end of 8th week of Trinity Term of the previous year. For details of College prizes and College subject prizes, and how and when they are awarded, please see Financial Support.

College prizes 2022/2023 

Any subject

Isabella Alexandrou, Prelims Prize
Alison Balint, Prelims Prize
Dylan Durnion, Prelims Prize
Julia Irvine, Prelims Prize
Ali Khosravi, Prelims Prize
Toby Lam, Prelims Prize
Aaron Low, Prelims Prize
Xing Tcheng, Prelims Prize
Cameron Tweed, Prelims Prize
Sabine Zednik-Hammonds, Prelims Prize
Yixuan (Wendy) Dang, Prelims Prize


Naa-Odoley Ntodi, Greville Smith Prize (shared)
Lucy Weatherill, Greville Smith Prize (shared)


Cameron Bloch, Samuel Dubner Prize


Markus Baumgartner, Kyriacou and Sherwin-Smith Prize
William Cubitt, Prosser Prize
Eugenia Beldarrain Gutierrez, Lubbock Prize
Calin Profir, Prosser Prize


Katie Bacon, Jenkyns (Law) Prize
Dylan Durnion, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry Prize
Emily Lennon, Archibald McDougall Law Prize; A.V. Dicey Prize (shared)
Aaron Low, Younger Prize
Nathalie Spiller, Archibald McDougall Law Prize (proxime accessit); A.V. Dicey Prize (shared)

Mathematics and Joint Schools

Francis Westhead, Prosser Prize


Qian Lin, Ken Allen Prize
Hamzah Mahmood, Conroy Prize
Eleanor March, Conroy Prize


Ian Chakravarti, Samuel Dubner Prize (shared)
Abigail Granholm, Samuel Dubner Prize (shared)
Tallulah Lefkowitz, James Hall Prize (shared)
Lea Moutault, GDH Cole Prize
Marina Ristuccia, James Hall Prize (shared)

University prizes 2022/2023

  • Samuel Myers, BA Modern Languages: Society for French Studies’ Gapper Undergraduate Essay Prize 2022
  • David Dunn, Gaisford Prize for Greek Verse 2023
  • Henry Masding and team, Idea Atlas Group Project Prize for 2023
  • Yiwei Si, Katrina Hayward Price Prize for best performance in the MPhil in Linguistics, Philogoy and Phonetics
  • Emmy Powell, Co-President of the Oxford Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship Society (OSBE), joint runner-up in the Environmental Sustainability Students Awards category of the Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Environmental Sustainability 2023

Final Honour Schools (FHS)

  • Jeno Suh, Hoare Prize for best overall performance in Computer Science and Philosophy 2022
  • Mark Williams, Hoare Prize for best overall performance in Mathematics & Computer Science 2023
  • Hannah O’Connor, Saïd Foundation Prize for the Best Performance in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Paper in Finals (Economics and Management) during Trinity 2023